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The Germans are coming
PeaNutsOne of my fondest memories from my teenage years is driving down the long stretch of the Southam Road, to the in club Blue Q disco of that time I'm sitting in the passenger seat of my friend's Triumph Spitfire, the window slightly cracked, watching the exhaled smoke of our bodily pollutants ease out the window. Turning on the 8 track player, causes the car to shake and boom. We would listen to Rosko and all those who made Radio Caroline synonymous with broadcasting.Their music mixed with the pop, motown and soul suddenly transformed us from suburban high scholars to serious vixens.


Rock of the station
RogerJackson Birmingham DJ for too many years I care to remember. For the last 4 years a radio broadcaster and radio DJ. slowly giving up the mobile disco work for internet broadcasting. Music style if it makes you dance sober or drunk it has to be good modern soul or 1970's disco or 1960's souland Motown if you can dance to it, you have to play it. An ex red coat at Butlins and blue coat at Pontins in the late 1970's.Tune in to hear your favourite artists such as the Velvelettes and many more. I am happy to read out and play any requests and dedications.


Northern Soul
Harry GrundyThe Right Track Soul Show plays three hours of quality soul music every Sunday night between 7.00 pm and10.00 pm. Harry and Diana play a wide variety of soul music ranging from Northern Soul, Motown, R& B and classic 60s soul - new tracks from the Southern States are a regular feature of the show



The Robin Dee Show
Since 1999 I produced and presented "The Robin Dee Show" , . I have had on-air internet radio experience in production and presentation since 1999, and prior to that I have been a regular producer/presenter on small local commercial stations and hospital radio.



And his 70's show
Been a mobile and studio JOC FOR 30+ YEARS. I AM A 70S, SOUL, FUNK AND ROCK Geek. I podcast to SugaRadio from my studio in the west country with Moorland views and close to the coast. What could be better.




In the MIX
AliceDJ aimed at the community, playing anthems and featuring a variety of speech formats and topics.




That 80's 90's Show
Fundraising for The Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation




Happy Hour
Be Happy


Tim Carter
K Pops

Includes styles and genres from around the world, such as pop, hip hop, R&B, experimental, rock, jazz, gospel, reggae, electronic dance, folk, country, and classical on top of its traditional Korean music roots.



Richys Retro Roadshow

Some we know as classics, and some we may have just forgotten about in the midst of time. One thing's for certain ... you'll hear them all on the Retro Roadshow ...... the good, the bad and even the downright ugly.
Richard came into radio presenting later than most, but, he knows what he likes and more importantly, loves the music he knows."I don't believe there is good and bad music ... music is art, and like all art there is some we like and some we don't like. Just because we don't like it doesn't make it bad !"

Theme PodCasts
For Egor in the Ukraine



PeaNuts and Reggae



Drive Time Rock



60's Rock and Roll
Rock and Roll



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