Most community radio stations are looking for volunteers to help out with all the things that go into the running of a busy, active local radio station including programme assistants, journalists, producers, IT support, writers, interviewers and much more. From high-school students looking for work experience to retired people looking to give something back to the community, people from all walks of life get rewarding experiences from community media.

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For a competitive fee we can offer you prime time exposures over the medium of online community radio. Compared with Newspaper or Leaflet advertising you will see how cost effective our advertising is!

Leamington Spa is a town in central England. Set on the winding River Leam, known for its Regency architecture and broad boulevards. The colonnaded Royal Pump Rooms, a 19th-century bathhouse, now houses the Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum.










     Community Radio Leamington Spa Warwick

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On The Road Again
Roger Jackson own studio
Support for Mike Pasternak
Roger away from the faders
PeaNuts in the dungeons at Warwick Castle 1968
Our Roger

Looking for suitable wall to hang my pictures 

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