SugaRadio streaming is similar to the traditional radio channels broadcast in many ways but also quite different in some other verticals too. The first difference is the medium of connectivity. In fact, the name Radio streaming is just for branding and there is nothing like Radio broadcasting here. Where traditional Radio broadcast occurs through radio waves, radio streaming uses the internet as a medium.

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The studio is closed. Our broadcasters login to our servers and stream on-line from their homes. This may not change for some time to come. Possibly until a vaccine has been found.






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     Community Radio Leamington Spa Warwick



Training at SugaRadio FM The training course is free. The course duration is 8 hours and consists of: Radio in a day. Come to the radio station for a day and learn the basics of producing and presenting a radio show and as part of a team present a live or pre-recorded radio show at the end of the day.

1.Health and Safety


3.Understanding audiences and the radio industry

4.What makes a radio show, running order and developing ideas

5.Scripting your features

6.Live / Pre-recorded radio show The next 2 weeks consist of 2 hour training sessions where you will learn how to operate the radio desk, how to use SamBroadcaster, learning the basics of editing with WavePad, Ofcom rules and regulations, making a radio advert, phone interviews, rules and systems for volunteering at SUGAR and at the end of the training you can volunteer at SUGARadio and have your own radio show if slots are available in the schedule.


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